Westerville Music and Arts Festival



This past year in my design class, my professor brought in an outside project for our class to complete. She had someone from the City of Westerville Chamber of Commerce, come in to talk about the project.

He needed a poster design for an event that the city of Westerville hold every year called the Music and Arts Festival. He had already provided us with the logo at the top of my poster. He described the event as fun, food filled, music, and kid friendly.

I decided on these colors because I think the combination represents the outdoor, fun, summertime feeling. I then hand drew everything, all of the words and images and scanned them in, giving it a similar fun character. 

I won the competition out of all the people in my class. The posters were placed all over the City of Westerville, including on different banners and stickers to the sidewalks in uptown. I also gave them a t-shirt design, that they gave all of the people working the event.