suicide poster2.jpg

Suicide Awareness Campaign 

My design class combined with a public relations class last year for a semester-long campaign project. There were six different groups to start out with three different topics, each topic had two groups. Those two groups then competed in front of our client, a pitch of a campaign that we would run. We then combined with the other group and took action on our ideas, and ran the campaign. 

We decided on the idea "Live For ______", or Live for Blank. We walked around campus asking people what they lived for. We took a picture of them holding a piece of paper saying what they lived for on it. We also had stickers made that we handed out, that people could put on a laptop, car, etc. 

I was one of two designers working on this campaign, and I got to design these posters that were put all over campus. The hearts at the bottom were then cut just enough so someone walking by could rip it out if they needed it. 

Our campaign also included an "open mic night" where we had people give their testimonies about their lives. The attendance was fantastic. 

I lastly put together a video that was shown in our last presentation to our client. They want to now use this video at conferences and to show other faculty what we did as students.

This project was huge on team collaboration, and could not have been done without everyones help. It gave me good practice for in the future working on any team.