At Otterbein University, "First Flight" is our new student week where all of the new, first-year students that will be attending Otterbein, come a week early to get accustomed to campus. I worked as a student orientation coordinator this past summer, after two previous years of being an orientation leader. I got many creative opportunities, including designing the shirt for all of the new students, the staff/flight crew working first flight, and one specifically for the Orientation team. The theme this year was Olympics, which you can see through the torch image I used.

FF shirt front.jpg

First Flight

With the theme being Olympics, I made a torch with the names of the different residence halls that the first year students would be staying in. 

flight crew front.jpg

Flight Crew

This shirt, I wanted to keep the same theme consistent. This specific shirt was made in 5 different colors and given to different groups of helpers of First Flight. 

soarshirt front.jpg

SOAR shirt

The last shirt here was one I designed just for the OL's. We have saying. "SOAR TEAM YEAH" So I thought I would include this with a song quote that we sing on the back. 

During this summer working for the Orientation program, I also got the opportunity to help start a student led campaign called cardsSTANDtogether. Our mission statement reads:

"We are Otterbein. Through the willingness to learn about our peers, we gain the confidence to stand in solidarity with one another, raise awareness and foster an environment of support. Though we all entered Otterbein with differences, we are comfortable asking one another questions in order to gain knowledge. Through our actions, we have the responsibility of setting an example for what this community values. We strive to recognize diversity within our community while maintaining an inclusive environment. We do not simply tolerate our differences, but rather, are intentional in accepting one another’s unique characteristics. #cardsSTANDtogether"


I designed a button that during Orientation and first flight, staff and students would wear. They talked about this with the new students and introduced it to them before they got on campus, so that the new students could have a chance to join as well. 

The second pin I had designed here, was for Orientation, and the faculty to wear. They would write their year on the pin, and so that new students that walked around could see how long they have been a part of Otterbein.