black tshirt version.jpg

Otterbein Ohio 

My design started from an idea that I saw when I attended NODA, a conference for student affairs. I saw someone with a t-shirt on that had just words, some very hard to read, but placed in the shape of Ohio. 

One of my supervisors told me to make one for Otterbein. I started by listing out every single word that reminded me of Otterbein. I then started to make the illustrations and images for each of these words. I then placed them in an Ohio and changed them around so they fit properly. 

They then took my design and printed it on 1000 t-shirts and had a t-shirt swap drive. Students brought in a t-shirt and traded it in for one of my shirts, and all the other shirts got donated. They also printed this image into a huge wall sticker, and put it on the inside pocket of a folder that they distributed to new students.